Monday, March 26, 2012

BBQ Chicken wings

Our weather has been absolutely georgeous and it's grilling time again, yay!!! So, if you have followed my blog, as boring and inactive as it is, you would know that every year I come up with a grilled chicken recipe for the Summer. This is it. I am anxious to try it with boneless and bone-in chicken breasts to see if they come out as juicy and messy as the wings were. My kids had bbq sauce from one temple to the other :)

24 wing drumettes
1/2 cup or so Italian dressing (enough to cover all wings)
1/2 lime, juiced
4 TBS honey
BBQ Sauce (we used Sweet Baby Rays Hickory and Brown Sugar)

Place thawed chicken in Ziploc bag. Squirt in rest of ingredients. Close bag and knead bag to combine ingredients and coat chicken. Let marinade for at least an hour. Grill chicken at medium/high heat. We had the grill pretty hot and it flamed up so the wings were crunchy with burnt spots (my fave). Baste with BBQ sauce towards the end of cooking time.

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